Spiritual Development The Hard Way

In a world fast losing all grip on meaning and purpose, racked by material comparisons, devoid of community and care, it becomes easy to lose oneself in feverish activity or despair until old age and death cause us to ask, "Why?" By then it is too late. There are no magic tricks for finding truth in life. Deceived by snake-oil spirituality, it is time for serious-minded people to take the Hard Way to realisation and a quest worth one's life.

Spiritual Development the Hard Way carves a pragmatic map for those who seek answers to the oldest questions of humanity. Beginning with the basic foundations of our condition, which cause any intelligent person a sense of entrapment, it explains the mechanisms, the process, and the landscape of escape from this entrapment. Using both new and ancient methods and concepts, it presents countless insights into all aspects of this journey to freedom. The primary focus of this book is on a comprehensive, practical array of techniques to employ in every aspect of life, offering creative and visionary guidance with glimpses of the final purpose of spiritual attainment.

Spiritual Development the Hard Way is a manual for finding meaning in a modern world a life worth living.

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Music is a pathway to other worlds. It bypasses our inner customs officials, and strikes right through to heart and vision. Some music seeks to appeal to our conventional world, while other music speaks of worlds and moods that lie beyond. My music is a channel to places you have never been. It should be listened to in a specific way - take the time to stop what you are doing. Turn off the lights and silence your mind - prepare yourself and allow the music to carry you away.

Some music speaks of the stream, and some music is the stream. To understand the stream we have to enter into it fully. We stretch out our inner wings and fly on the currents of light and sound, to feelings and images that call from before our birth.

Music transforms us like nothing else, because it echoes from our deepest core. I am very happy to talk about the journey that awaits us all, and if you wish to speak to me or my friends who are also on this journey, please visit my discussion forum Restless Soma.

But personally I prefer to share all my experiences and knowledge through my music - that way I can speak directly. I don't have to translate it from immediate taste into ideas and words - in so doing, much is lost, as it is modified by our inner customs office, where we like to agree or disagree. Music is pure experience, and a conduit directly from worlds of feeling.

Take yourself away from the crowd, go into the silence and darkness, prepare for a journey, and let your spirit release.

Audio CD: Trance

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Trance is not your usual CD. This music is specifically designed to accompany my book, Spiritual Development The Hard Way which is available by the 'Buy' button above.

Trance is what it says - trance music. But more than that, it is music for people who seek to explore the mysteries within themselves. I recommend those who do seek to explore these mysteries, to dance to this music such that the rhythms and sounds become absorbed physically.

Trance predominantly explores the various moods inherent in seven-cycle rhythms. This unusual beat cycle has been purported to have been a sacred dance rhythm that was a link between ancient schools of knowledge, such as the Sarman and the Essenes. I have not been impressed with the way some music systems utilise the seven beet cycle in slower tempos, such as in Indian ragas, as the slowness of the tempo does not create the necessary effect upon the body. The rhythm needs to cycle faster to give the body the unusual effect inherent within odd beat-cycles like the seven cycle.

Aside from the first and last pieces of Trance, all the other tracks explore variations of emotion and physicality that the seven cycle can produce. And all these pieces are trance music - meaning they continue in a way which provides a background landscape for the participant to enter into their own trance space. Due to their unusual mood-scape, they are not recommended for beginners in trance experience.

The First track of Trance, Srinagar to Ley, is the balance for the rest of the CD. It is on the other side of the coin - the complete opposite in atmosphere, mood and technique. Srinagar to Ley employs familiar, classic African rhythms and a clear melodic guitar style. It is naturally dance oriented, and an extravert mood in comparison to the introvert mood of the remainder of Trance.

Audio CD: Lighthouse

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Lighthouse belongs to the last phase of my interest in producing music in the traditional arrangement style.

Lighthouse is a series of songs and arrangements that covers a wide range of my musical interests. There is plenty of diversity and mood, along with some of the most interesting arrangements I have ever produced.

Audio CD: Ambour Rills

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Ambour Rills is meditation music.

Ambour Rills is specifically designed to accompany meditational atmosphere. The key point of this music, is that it is not entertainment music - the listner is required to be in a mantal and emotional space where they do not require 'attention' demanding elements around them. Ambour Riills will not provide that for you. Once you have settled yourself into a space of contentment with nothing, Ambour Rills will help create an atmosphere in which you sit. It is not so much for actively listening to (though all pieces will receive the listner with interest, whenever they return to the music), but is purposely for 'accompanying'.


I have been very interested in the interweaving of music and visuals. Ever since listening to music in a car as I was crossing Nullarbor Plain in South West Australia thirty years ago, when the endless changing sameness of scenery sent me into a trance as the music changed the landscape, and the landscape changed the music. I am fascinated by how the music and the images become different from what they are separately - a unique experience that draws from both, but adds so much more that was not there before.
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Meditation Music:

This music was composed for a specific purpose. At the time, I had tired of making music that was similar in structure to what we all commonly hear. I wanted to make music for how I liked to listen. I dropped all the familiar methods of arrangement and playing. I did not want this music to be the focal point of attention, as entertainment. That kind of music, which demands attention, is fine, but I wanted some music that 'accompanied' me, in what I was doing, even if that was just sitting quietly doing nothing. That was how it began but soon it took a life of its own, and each piece became a unique journey.

When you listen to this music, do not be in a rush - it isn't going anywhere. It just is. Don't fight the music, and don't ask it to keep
you entertained. If you are not able to feel comfortable in yourself, then this music will not help that - it is like sitting beside a
stream, that bubbles and gurgles on forever, or sitting in a deep cavern with strange echoes that rumble endlessly. Sometimes it
seems the sounds are carrying you, and sometimes they just follow their own way. You must be at peace first, then the music
will work its magic.


I am especially drawn to instrumental music. I feel as soon as I hear words in a song, a different part of my being engages -
the part that thinks about things. That is fine, and I enjoy that also, as music can add much subtlety to the meaning of words.
But wordless music has a unique quality to allow the sounds to build a visionary world without the distraction of our daytime
existence. Thus it holds especially transportive power for the listener who is willing to allow the sounds to carry the soul away.


These are mostly from many years ago, when I still arranged songs in familiar ways.

Story Music:

Walking through some musical techniques.